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Before I even begin this Dermology review, let me tell get one very important thing out of the way – I hate scams. The fact that there are so many of these scams online even keeps from visiting social networking sites. In fact, I still don’t have a Facebook account!

The Internet sure does have a whole lot of perks, but it has really become a global agency of people trying to rip off decent, honest people like you and me.

Every time when I find something I may want on the Internet, I stop for moment and ask my self the same question – “is this a scam or not?“.

We’ve all undoubtedly been there at some point. Hey, the Internet has been around for a good 20 years now, so its probably been a few times. Speaking for myself, I can safely say that the number of times I’ve been fooled is in double digits. This after reading a number of reviews!

We both know how horrible a feeling it is to get duped. We have real problem and these companies claim to have the “ultimate” solution for it. After paying them a large amount to cure it all you have to proof for its effectiveness is the hole in your pocket.

Trust me, I’ve been there like you, yelling profanities into some distant telephone operator’s muffled voice. The problem with this entire tiring process is that it’s honest people like you and me who have to bear the brunt of somebody else’s greed.

When it comes to skin care, the probability of buying a product that is nothing better than rotten eggs is especially high. For crying out loud, these scams are all over the place. There are countless products and reviews that have promised to make me look a good 30 years younger, but all of them were just fake products that actually hurt my skin.

Hey, my own experience of those countless “must have” skin products has taught me one thing – never trust the Internet!

Anyways enough about scams. I’m a 55-year-old mother of 3, and my duty here is to tell you about Dermology creams. I really think this is the only honest Dermology review there is on the entire Internet. As far as my rudimentary searching skills tell me, I haven’t found even one review, from the thousand Dermology reviews published online, that one can actually call honest without any suspicion.

Being a woman in her 50s, as you can imagine, aging is one bitter subject for me. Hey! I just really miss the way I used to look and feel when I was in my 20s. When I actually look back, I remember loving myself deep in my thirties too. What can I say, nostalgia can get the best of us I guess.

Ok, coming back to my Dermology review. For me skin care isn’t cake walk. Even as a little girl I had frequent breakout of acne and issues with the various methods of hair removal. Waxing was just too painful, and laser removal was far too expensive. To all of that you can add stretch marks from my pregnancy and cellulite from being a single parent who is always pressed for time.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking – my condition is hopeless. Trust me, I felt the same way. When you have no many parts of your body looking what they once had it tends to get frustrating really soon, and it did. I was ready to just give it all up, and not care about how I looked.

I really did try that, but it didn’t work. For an entire year I tried to be confident and assumed that it would be enough for all my friends, family and colleagues to look beyond superficial things like my stretch mark, excess hair, cellulite, and wrinkles among others.

Guess what – it didn’t work. In under a month I was coming back home and crying into the pillow. The nagging, talking behind my back, all of it just got to me. What can I say except that peer pressure really does sting.

For the record, I have bought a lot of different brands of skin care products over the years. Having tried everything from Astara to Lifecell, I can safely tell you one thing – Dermology is different. It’s a unique line of products that actually work!

This might surprise you a bit, but I’ve actually tried every single product this brand has to offer. Maybe I just trust the company too much, or I’m just naive, but if there’s one thing that I do know it’s that Dermology creams are the only solutions that have actually worked for me.

The very first solution that I purchased from them was their treatment for stretch marks. Since there weren’t any Dermology reviews published around 5 years ago, I just tool a leap of faith any bought this solution.

I used to have deep and ugly tears on my thighs, buttocks and breasts. They have been there for over 13 years now after the birth of my youngest child, Matt.

What this treatment gets right is that it is designed to make the skin more elastic in the first place. That’s what I needed too since the texture of my skin has really changed these last few years. Within 3 weeks of applying this solution, I noticed something wonderful – the scars that had been my foe in every full-length mirror for the last 13 years were growing faint. I just couldn’t believe it!

Dermology stretch mark creamYou can try it out for yourself by clicking here. I’ve fished online and found an exclusive offer that gets you something for free – an EXTRA bottle! You can thank me later ;). Rest assured – no cream can work faster than this – that’s a guarantee.

That’s what I love about all these products – they begin showing results before one gets tired of applying them. I had the exact same experience with Dermology’s creams for cellulite and hair removal when I tried them some six months ago.

I know I sound like a woman crazed with worshiping one brand, one cream, but the truth is that it’s very difficult for all to find something that actually works.

The hair removal solution didn’t even pain one little bit. I was seriously expecting some burns, rashes, or at least for my skin to swell up – but it didn’t.

Dermology hair removal creamWith only natural ingredients, this treatment actually made my skin smoother to touch and even gave it a natural and healthy glow. Check out this awesome deal I got for all of you from the sales guys at the company.

But this treatment to get rid of your unwanted hair isn’t the only one that deserves your attention. The Dermology cellulite solution is truly one of a kind when it comes to reducing the appearance of your cellulite dimples.

I myself have had cellulite for over 7 years now. I can’t even count the number of times it has stopped me from going out in a pretty summer dress. I just couldn’t fathom the idea of letting anyone know or see how ugly my thighs were will all the depressions.

I hated my legs and dressed like I was perpetually stuck in the 80s for all these years – then came the Dermology cellulite solution. I began applying this solution and much to my surprise those little pockets of fat began to disappear. It is still odd for me to believe that a cream took care of the excess fat in my body. But hey, who cares how it got done as long as it did.

Dermology cellulite solutionAs is my responsibility, I’ve found one sweet deal for you in case you intend to buy this cellulite solution.

Like I mentioned earlier, my face has been giant magnet for acne and pimples for most of my life. It’s almost like my body is working against itself all the time. I take a nap for 30 minutes only to wake up with oil blocking the pores on my face.

With the severity of the oily skin condition that I have, it comes as no surprise to me that my face is a welcoming location for acne to sprout up. I just couldn’t take living with the same skin care problem for so long. For crying out loud, it’s been almost 40 years since I developed my very first pimple!

Dermology Acne CreamThankfully this brand cared enough to create the only acne cream that has ever worked on my skin. You too can get your hands on it by going for this awesome free trial offer.

None of the “big” Dermology reviews have said a word about what makes this brand so special. All they go on and on saying is that you should just get on already buy it. Well, what they are saying doesn’t matter.

Being 55 years old, you could say that I know a few things about people. For example, I know all of like to look beautiful, attractive and toned. I’ve also realized that no matter what, all of us get a kick from being the center of attention.

I too am like you on that front. In fact anybody who says they aren’t are probably in denial about it. In my mission to get back my lost beauty the largest seemingly insurmountable hurdle was that of age.

Aging is without a doubt the worst skin-related condition any of us could have to suffer through. Not that I’m saying being 55 isn’t great, it really is. There are things on this side of the 50s that I would have never known without being here. But I still want to look stunning!

I tried everything from the countless home remedies that I read up about online, but nothing really worked to bring the life back into my lifeless aging appearance. That’s when it hit – “I already use a few Dermology creams, and they have always worked as promised. Why go the same route to fight age?

It was that very night that I ordered both the skin brightener and the anti-aging solution from what I consider to be the best skin care brand in the world. It took a little longer for this batch to arrive. In fact those two weeks had me fantasizing about the amazing results that that little package would bring with it.

Dermology Skin BrightenerYou too can order the best skin brightener there is on the market today by clicking here. You’ll find that you have a never-before-seen offer already activated when you get there. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m here to help. :)

When the delivery did reach me I was purely ecstatic to receive what I believed to be the only treatment for me to get rid of all my wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines. Boy was I in for a disappointment!

Don’t get me wrong – Dermology Anti Aging Solution worked wonders on my face. It really did bring out a natural glow which never left me be it early in the morning, or after a girl’s night out with my girlfriends. It just brought out my facial features so much better.

I actually recognized the woman I saw in the mirror again. She looked like she wasn’t a year about 35. Since this experience I have nothing but respect and admiration for the fellows to worked out these products in laboratory somewhere.

Now let me tell you why I was disappointed in the first place. It’s quite simple actually – my expectations were so high, that there wasn’t a chance for anything or anybody to satisfy them. Dermology works, but it isn’t an elixir of life. I would suggest that none of you make the blunder that I did. It isn’t worth it.

Dermology Anti Aging Solution KitIf I hadn’t known and used every other product that the skin care brand had to offer, I would have assumed that Dermology is a scam. But as we all know now that just isn’t true.

If you are an aging man or woman and want to bring some life back into your face, I would recommend clicking here and welcoming your straying good looks back.

I hope my site about Dermology reviews will help you make the right choice for yourself. I can personally vouch for the fact that this is the only company whose creams have worked to get rid of my stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles and fine lines.

Go right ahead and order these products without a single doubt in your mind. These creams have helped me, and will also help you to look, feel and be a confident and good looking individual again. Do make it a point to go through the Dermology reviews and guides published here – this is the only online resource that contains invaluable detailed information about the 6 creams produces under this banner.