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Dermology acne treatment is a popular treatment for men and women from around the world to get rid of the acne plaguing their face. Despite the growing popularity, the question still remains – does Dermology acne really work?

The purpose of this Dermology review is to help you figure out whether this acne cream really works, or is it just one of the many skin care scams found online.

Before I tell you about my experience with this Dermology treatment, I should probably first fill you in on the extent and severity of my acne problem. By understanding my condition, you can evaluate by yourself whether the results achieved were favorable, or otherwise – ultimately, this is the goal of this review.

I have had to deal with the trouble of acne for a good number of years now. Having given birth to my son, soon after sending my daughter off the play school had taken a major toll on my body.

That, coupled with the inherent nature of my skin to develop acne breakouts often on, my problem of acne became unbearable when the hormones of my second pregnancy played havoc on my health.

While I recovered from giving birth the second time quite well, this one problem refused to let go of my face. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had like an infinite number of pimples since I hit puberty – but this covered my entire face!

Only somebody who had experienced this skin care issue firsthand can possibly understand the trauma of having to go anywhere with a face that crowded and ugly with acne.

Aside from the acne that populated my face, there was also the troubling prospect of acne scars, more and more of which I was noticing everyday.

Desperate for a solution, I began what was to be a long, long search for an effective treatment to get rid of pimples. I went through countless reviews by professionals and customers.

Within a few hours of surfing online, a few facts were abundantly clear to me:

  • There was the option of undergoing a non-invasive procedure for removing the scarring, but it was far too expensive.
  • There were many home remedies available to try out, though they didn’t really work for everybody. It was basically a lot of trial and errors, with the errors far outweighing the trials.
  • Using an acne removal cream was a viable choice, which was both – inexpensive and effective.

With that knowledge in hand, I set forth looking for a cream that would work on my skin. My naivety at the time got the better of me; I spent a good $400 on the first solution I bought, which after four months of usage turned out to be worthless. This was after I’d read a seemingly honest review of the product!

Frustrated I probably did a stupider thing by ordering myself a range of other creams with price tags as high as $800! The problem with all of them was that none of them really worked the way I needed them too.

While a few did managed to clear my face up a bit, they just managed to make them a little faint, which kind of made them appear worse. These experiences, along with the insistence of my girlfriends, has encouraged me to write this review.

Dermology acne treatment review

With Dermology, things were quite different. Unlike the countless other misleading Dermology reviews out there, allow me to clearly state a fact – this product isn’t a miracle cure to get rid of your acne.

The cream began to reduce the prominence of my acne soon after I began applying it daily, but it wasn’t until the second month that I began to notice some significant results.

Somewhere between the second and third month of continued usage my scars began to disappear significantly. It was during the fourth month that I managed to get the results that I really needed.

The scars aren’t there anymore, and my skin is smooth, clear, and natural. There aren’t any disfiguring blemishes where there used to be pimples and tears.

Most of my friends have taken advantage of this awesome discount to buy this cream at a heavily discounted price; they are the ones who encouraged me to write this review in the first place. If you’re interested, you too should avail of this offer – it’s taken me quite some persuasion to get hold of for you.

I hope my Dermology Acne treatment review helps you in your search for the best acne removal treatment. As always, I will continue with my Dermology reviews of skin care creams, solutions, and treatments.

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