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Dermology skin brightener reviewsThis Dermology skin brightener cream review will help you figure out for yourself if this is the solution you have been looking for to improve the color, texture and tone of your skin.

While there are tens of thousands of Dermology reviews published online and offline, none of them provide readers with a clear, conclusive opinion about whether this treatment works or not.

I myself encountered many hurdles during my own search for a depilatory cream that could actually improve the condition of my skin.

While I did come across a free trial offer for this Dermology cream, I still wasn’t too sure about whether it would be worth the time and money.

This is why when I finally did go for this trial I promised myself that I would publish a honest and unbiased review of how this cream worked out for me.

Now that it has been over 5 months since I began applying this solution on my skin, it’s time for me to deliver on that promise – keep reading this review to find out how this treatment worked out for me.

Review Introduction

Before I actually tell you about my experience with Dermology skin brightener, I think I should probably let you know a little about why I was was looking for such a solution in the first place.

I’m a 55-year-old Realtor, mother, and grandmother (in that order). Having more than 50 years behind me hasn’t been really kind to my skin.

I have everything from wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and everything that comes with it. Over the last few years my complexion has become dull and unappealing.

As many working mothers would know – working while raising children (3 of them!) is probably the most difficult and and exhausting thing a person can do.

Ever since my youngest daughter began college in fall 2010, I’ve been contemplating and procrastinating over what I should do with my free time.

Having been in the property business for over 3 decades now I honestly needed to break from all the fake smiles and cut-throat competition.

This is probably a good enough moment for me to let you know that I’ve been a single parent for over 20 years now. As you can imagine, I haven’t been able to give myself any time or attention in all these years.

Before Samantha (my youngest daughter) left for her studies she made me promise that I would “live a little”. So in tune with my promise, I decided to actually begin dating again. Yes, my darkened, wrinkled self needed an urgent makeover!

Skin Brightening Creams

This is when I began looking around for an effective and economical treatment to get rid of the “dullness” of my skin.

I visited my dermatologist to find out about all the solutions available for brightening my skin tone. He mentioned a number of cosmetic procedures that could supposedly do wonders for my lifeless skin.

Unfortunately the prices for all these treatments was much greater than I could even consider affording, especially since I’d just coughed off a large sum for my daughter’s education and boarding.

Frustrated, I ventured to the internet to find something that would be able to repair the damage. Almost instantly, my eyes were bombarded with thousands of home remedies.

After trying them for over 4 months there is one thing I can say confidently – home remedies don’t work!

This is when i came across a number of depilatory creams that promised to help me reduce the appearance of dark areas, and tighten my skin to make it look more youthful.

Dermology Skin Brightener Cream

Dermology Skin BrightenerNow if you’re thinking that I found Dermology brightener instantly, then you couldn’t be more wrong. I must have tried well over 10 different brands on my face, neck, stomach, and body.

As you may have already guessed – none of these treatments managed to do anything for the deplorable condition of my skin.

It was my eldest daughter who finally came to my rescue.  Since she has recently had her first child (my first grandchild!), she too had been looking for something to get rid of her stretch marks.

She found Dermology to be the only solution that actually worked for her. While she had used the Dermology stretch mark cream, she assured me that their brightening treatment would work for me.

Frustrated with my own lack of progress I decided to avail of the free trial for this product.

After applying it on my skin for a month I could safely say that this treatment really works! Within just a month of applying it daily the skin on my face, neck, arms, and body began to look much better in the mirror.

My complexion was so much lighter than before. All the dark patches were becoming lighter every day.


No Dermology skin brightener cream review is complete without talking about the ingredients.

All the ingredients found in this solution are 100% natural. I’ve always had sensitive skin that tends to develop some nasty side effects with most chemical creams.

With Dermology’s all-natural formula I didn’t have to worry about any impending adverse reactions.

You will find some familiar ingredients like shea butter, evening primrose oil, grapefruit seed extracts, allantoin, arbutin, lumiskin, along with Vitamins A, C and E.


Having personally used a number of other skin brightening creams I can safely say that the Dermology brightener is the best and most effective cream available today.

According to me, these are the following benefits make this product unique and highly recommended:

  • Reduces the appearance of dark areas on any part of the body without causing any side effects whatsoever.
  • Lightens the appearance of the skin within 2 months of application.
  • Promotes the development of an even skin tone.
  • Tightens and strengthens the skin to make it healthy and resistant against future damage.
  • Shows significant results in the first month of application itself.


If you thought that this treatment would be really expensive then you couldn’t be more wrong. This solution is the most economical skin brightener I could find anywhere.

The fact that it’s also the most effective makes it worth many times the price that this cream sells for!

Remember that all Dermology product are sold exclusively via the official Dermology store. This cream is not available in any local store in any part of the world.

Here are the best deals available for you to buy this amazing depilatory cream:

  • Trial offerRecommended for everybody interested in only a trial.
  • Starter packRecommended if your condition isn’t too severe.
  • Buy 2 get 1 freeRecommended for getting rid of age spots, dark patches, and uneven skin tone.
  • Buy 3 get 3 freeThis is the package I went for myself. It’s definitely the most economical package available. It will last a good 6 months.

Guarantee And Return Policy

Dermology also offers buyers this great 90-days money-back guarantee. I personally felt very secure while ordering this cream knowing that if it didn’t work out I could just as easily get my money back.

If this product doesn’t work for you all you have to do is to give the official customer care helpline a call and ask for a refund.

Unlike the Dermology reviews published elsewhere, I hope that my Dermology skin brightener cream review can help you make a more informed decision about this cream.

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